Are these peptides manufactured in America?

-Yes, every product we sell has been synthesized and packaged in Southern California. This is as American made as it gets.

What is the difference between your products and Chinese products?

-There are several differences. Number one: purity. We use only the highest quality raw materials that is of the highest purity. Number two: sanitation. Our laboratory and all the equipment involved in the packaging exceeds the highest standards for cleanliness. Number three: What you see is what you get. We don’t use mystery substances to provide filler in our products. If you order a product from us, we guarantee you will receive exactly what we describe on this site.

Do you ship internationally?
-Yes, we ship both domestically and internationally.

Do you provide discounts for bulk orders?
-Yes, we do. Contact Us

Do you provide instructions for use?
-These are research peptides. We do not provide instructions.

How do I know these are produced in the USA?
-We are perhaps the only peptide distributor in the world that has actual pictures of the step by step process of the product being made. Our lab is located just outside of Los Angeles and is staffed by chemists trained here in America.

Are you expanding your product line in the future?
-Yes, we are constantly developing new and exciting products. Please check back frequently for updates on our line of peptides and supplements.